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bere renew my membership

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1bere renew my membership Empty bere renew my membership on Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:59 pm


i have upgraded my2.50 Profit N 7 Days by paying 15 dollars
my membership will expire in 4 days
i will make payment request at last days
then what to do
should i send a support ticket for renewal or i have to pay 15 dollars again for my renewal membership.. i cant understand
how to earn
pls explain

2bere renew my membership Empty Re: bere renew my membership on Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:15 pm

For 2.50 Profit N 7 Days, you will have $17.5 in your account balance after clicking 7 days
Request the payout once you reach $17.5
Admin will then only pay your original investment of $15 within 0 to 3 days
When you receive the original investment, renew your membership and inform admin with a support ticket
Then you will receive the remaining profit in your account balance around next day

Hope this can help
Or you can check the example shown on the home page:

How it Works
Step 1 Upgrade to the Weekly Pay Membership of your choice
Step 2 Click 10 Ads Daily For 7 Days To Earn Your Full Return
Step 3 Request Your Payout
Step 4 We Will Pay You Your Original Investment Back, at this point you are required to renew your membership to the same level or a membership level no more than half the amount of your last membership and send us a support ticket to inform us of your renewed membership before we pay you your 7 day Profit

John upgrades to the $20 Profit In 7 Days membership, he clicks 10 ads per day for 7 days, and request his $140 payout, within 0 to 3 days we pay John his original investment of $120, john than Renews his $20 Profit In 7 Days membership, and sends us a support ticket to inform us of his renewed membership, at this point we pay John his $20 profit

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