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To Clix-Cents Members From itxm3 Requesting

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1To Clix-Cents Members From itxm3 Requesting Empty To Clix-Cents Members From itxm3 Requesting on Fri Dec 26, 2014 2:43 pm

Hello And Assalam O Allikum Guys

i have request a admin of ems forum to allow me to create a clix-cents payment proof thread so he accept it. please who ever used that forum please post your payment proof in that thread so we can adverties clix-cents if clix-cents earn then we will also + if you need referrals then that forum is also a great place even i have won a referral contest on clix-cents bcoz 50+ people join me from that forum and many even upgrade .still for current contest i have agreed few people to upgrade and they have agree to upgrade under me,359488.msg3391731.html#msg3391731

u will need to register to post proofs if u guys join with me link then i can locate u + if u need my help then u guys can contact me easily i dont earn any money from it

best of luck long live clix-cents

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